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April 10 2020

Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android

TechStage | Kopfhörer für Kinder: Darauf kommt es beim Kauf an

Kopfhörer für Kinder sind klein, stabil und begrenzen die maximale Lautstärke. TechStage hat sich drei beliebte Modelle von 15 bis 35 Euro angeschaut.


TechStage | Armbänder für die Apple Watch: Geht's auch günstiger?

Originale Armbänder für die Apple-Watch-Serie kosten mehr als so manche Smartwatch. Wir verraten, ob sich die günstigen Alternativen lohnen.

Tesla resurrects long-range RWD Model 3 for the Chinese market
Google starts highlighting virtual care options in Search and Maps

Thunderbird-Update bringt automatische Add-on-Aktualisierung

Version 68.7.0 des Mail-Clients Thunderbird bringt nur wenige Neuerungen, behebt aber eine ganze Reihe von Fehlern.


Corona: Informatiker kritisieren "Datenspende-App" als "schlecht gemacht"

Das Robert-Koch-Institut sammelt im Kampf gegen Covid-19 Daten etwa von Fitnessbändern. Die Gesellschaft für Informatik und Datenschützer haben Bedenken.


Virtuelle Braille-Tastatur für Android

Google hat ein virtuelles Keyboard für Android veröffentlicht, das die Eingabe von Brailleschrift auf Smartphones ermöglicht.

Airbnb is buying trust during the COVID-19 travel slowdown

The pains – and pleasures? – of network security: Tell us exactly what you think about this corner of business IT

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying we all need it

Survey  Network security: love it or hate it, there’s no denying we all need it.…

Tips, tactics and cashflow strategies for startup survival during a crisis

Amid unicorn layoffs, Boston startups reflect on the future

As domestic and global economies grapple with the COVID-19 era, its impact on startups is coming into focus: All will be impacted, many will suffer and some will close.

Boston, a city that TechCrunch keeps tabs on, has seen a number of well-known startups struggle in recent weeks. Their misfortunes come quickly after companies in the region recorded huge venture raises, generating notable momentum.

In December, TechCrunch wrote that “ despite winter’s chill, the Northeast’s tech ecosystem is white-hot ,” taking into account Boston’s historical gains in the venture world. And earlier in 2020 we covered a few huge rounds that the city’s own Toast and Flywire had put together; worth $520 million as a pair, the two venture deals stood out for how large they were and how close to one another they were announced.

Indeed, looking at preliminary venture data from Crunchbase , Boston was on track to crush its 2019 tally of venture rounds of $50 million or more in 2020. That record-setting pace is now in doubt. 

To get a feel for Boston’s new reality, we’ve collected the region’s recent news and spoke to area investors and founders, including David Cancel of Drift (the previous founder of Compete and other companies), Drew Volpe of First Star VC  and a team of folks from Underscore VC .

TechCrunch had intended to start a monthly series on Boston and its venture capital and startup scenes later this month. We’re kicking it off early because the news is already here.


Earlier this week, restaurant management platform Toast cut 50% of its staff . The Boston-based company was valued at $5 billion in recent months, and — before the pandemic hit — was planning to spend the next few years gearing up to go public. Toast sits uniquely between fintech and restaurant tech, industries that have been arguably impacted the most by COVID-19’s spread and widespread restaurant closures.


BKA warnt vor Verlagerung des Drogenhandels ins Darknet

Die Maßnahmen im Zuge der Coronakrise führen laut Bundeskriminalamt zu einer Verlagerung von Drogenhandel, Zuhälterei und anderen Deliktformen ins Internet.

So many fintech eggs in so many baskets

Tales from the Loop: Vom Gemälde zur bisher besten Amazon-Serie des Jahres

Die neue Amazon-Serie Tales from the Loop ist leise, langsam erzählt und unauffällig. Wer sich allerdings auf sie einlässt, entdeckt eine Welt voller Wunder.


Corona, Dunkelzifferstudien und der Wikingereffekt

Ein kritischer Blick auf die neuen Studien zur Dunkelziffer und wie die Isländer das alles viel besser machen.


heise+ | Google Titan Security Keys für Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit U2F

Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung schützt Accounts beispielsweise mit USB-Schlüsseln, die es jetzt auch von Google gibt.

AcreTrader raises $5M to help people invest in a fruitful asset class: farmland

Deutschlandradio: Sparzwang auch beim DAB+-Ausbau

Trotz geplanter Rundfunkgebührenerhöhung rechnet der Deutschlandradio-Intendant mit Sparzwängen. Darunter könnte auch der Ausbau des Digitalradios DAB+ leiden.


Doom Eternal: Reboot sequel is cluttered but we're only here for the rippin' and the tearin'

In which case, it'll do

The RPG  Greetings, traveller, and welcome back to The Register Plays Games, our monthly gaming column. What a time to be childless, huh? You young, care-free things have stacks of box sets and video games to plough through while we're all stuck indoors fearing for our lives and those of our loved ones. Unfortunately, my lockdown has been busier than usual as childcare is closed too, which is why we're weeks late. But hey! A long weekend! Maybe it's the perfect time to check out Doom Eternal.…

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