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April 04 2012

I’m Back
Hey! So TechCrunch Disrupt New York is just around the corner on May 19-23. So, what, you say, you don't work here any more, right? (for the newer TechCrunch readers, I'm the guy who founded the site) Well, yeah, I don't work here any more because Aol fired me last year. Lots has been written about that. No need to rehash it all here. We've all moved on.
Tags: Drama TC
Eight Mobile Ad Companies Get Behind ODIN In A Quest To Replace The UDID
More than a half-dozen mobile ad companies are getting behind a working group called ODIN to find a new way of tracking and identifying iOS users that still respects their privacy. This is happening because Apple is pressuring developers to stop using an older method called UDIDs (or unique device ID numbers) faster than previously thought amid criticism that it compromises privacy. Velti, Jumptap, RadiumOne, Mdotm, StrikeAd, Smaato, Adfonic and SAY Media are hoping that by collaborating, they can influence the new standard that the rest of the mobile advertising industry will adopt. "We need to get everybody on the same page so that we have a uniform solution that ends up working for everyone," said Krishna Subramanian, who is Velti's chief marketing officer.

April 03 2012

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