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February 05 2014

Social Shopping Fashion Q&A Platform, Motilo, Bags Another $2.5M For Expansion & Marketing
MotiloLondon-based social fashion platform Motilo, which offers a home for fashionistas to float their sartorial dilemmas, has taken in another tranche of post-seed funding from private investors. The startup, which was founded in April 2012, secured $3.3 million during 2013, and has now topped that up to $5.8 million with another $2.5 million from the same group of private, U.K.-based investors — to splurge on expansion and marketing. The platform offers a blend of traditional fashion editorial content, generated by Motilo staff and extended by the community of users. But its main focus is to gravitate around a Q&A interface designed to help users out with their fashion crises. The site includes a drag-and-drop interface where users can create looks to illustrate their fashion dilemmas, or provide a visual ‘style answer’ to another user’s cry for sartorial help. They can also search for and browse past Q&As, so the platform is building a visual database of ask & answer fashion content. Yep, Q&A as a format keeps on cooking. The ‘problem’ Motilo is aiming to fix is to recreate a social shopping experience online, says co-founder Sofia Barattieri, allowing people to track down elusive fashion items with the help of other fashionistas, or get feedback on prospective purchases before clicking the buy button. And being as it’s positioned in the vortex before people make a purchase, it’s sitting pretty for monetization via the likes of advertising. “I wanted to create a place where I could connect with people — either friends or likeminded people — in order to get their referral for shopping online,” Barattieri told TechCrunch. “Something that was easy, that was not just a magazine, or a social media, something that was focused, that would offer me a service. “So I go to Motilo because I can ask somebody that I trust, a place that has an authority, ‘what is it that I should wear at London fashion week?’… Or ask somebody that I know, a friend that I trust, and ask them to create a look for me.” Since launching its visual Q&A platform in mid-September (kicking off its marketing efforts three months later), the site has amassed 70,000 unique visitors, and 3,000 registered users, according to Barattieri. It’s month to month growth rate has “recently” been around the 30% mark. The platform’s initial launch and early growth promise have allowed it to unlock this latest tranche of funding from its

January 31 2014

India Fashion Portal Myntra Raises $50M On A $200M Pre-Money Valuation As Amazon And Flipkart Circle
myntraIndia's e-commerce market is projected to grow sevenfold to $22 billion in the next five years, and investors and global e-commerce companies want to have a piece of the action. We have learned that Myntra, one of the bigger fashion portals in the country focusing both on traditional and more western fashion, has closed a $50 million round of funding. And, as that round closed, it got approached by both Amazon and Flipkart (known informally as "the Amazon of India"), with Flipkart making an acquisition offer in the region of $200 million.

January 30 2014


January 28 2014

Fashion GPS Updates Radar App To Streamline Search, Style Requests
fashionThe fashion industry, one of the oldest industries in the world, has historically been resistant to technological innovation. But Fashion GPS is on a mission to change that, most recently with the introduction of the newly updated Fashion GPS Radar app. GPS Radar, one of many apps provided by Fashion GPS, lets fashion bloggers, editors, buyers, or anyone else in the industry organize their fashion week and keep track of their favorite looks.

January 23 2014

Lyst, A Fashion E-Commerce Aggregator, Raises $14M More, Plans Beacon Rollout With PayPal
Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.49.36Lyst, a platform that aggregates different fashion commerce sites in a single place with a "universal shopping cart", is today announcing a $14 million round of funding -- money that it will use to ramp up its marketing and to hire more data scientists and other engineers to keep building out its algorithms to compete against the likes of eBay, the Fancy and other one-top-shop online marketplaces.

January 16 2014

Ogle Outfits And Share Your Unique Style With WearToday
WearTodayFashion might not save the world, but it can be a creative outlet that gives you the confidence to improve your life. That's the ethos behind WearToday, built by veteran Facebook product designer and eccentric dresser Alexandre Roche. Launching today on iOS in invite-only beta, WearToday lets you photograph your current outfit, ID your clothes and share full-body shots with tags of your threads.
Shopkick Starts 100-Store iBeacon Trial For American Eagle, Biggest Apparel Rollout Yet
american eagleApple's iBeacon technology, which uses Bluetooth LE to send notifications to users when they're inside a physical store, is making another mainstream advance today: Shopkick -- the location-based offers startup that was one of the early movers with its shopBeacon service -- is today announcing a new retail deal, installing iBeacon functionality in 100 American Eagle Outfitters stores nationwide, including locations of sister brand Aerie.

January 13 2014

Groupon Moves Into Flash Fashion, Buys Ideeli For $43M In Cash
Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 14.07.55More acquisitions for Groupon to widen the net of consumers using its platform for more than daily deals. Today it is announcing the acquisition of ideeli, a flash fashion retailer, for $43 million in cash. A potentially strategic gain for Groupon, however, is a major loss for ideeli's investors: the New York-based company had raised $107 million in funding from investors like StarVest, Kodiak and Credit Suisse since being founded in 2007.

December 07 2013

Architect Bradley Rothenberg Does 3D-Printed Fashion At The Annual Victoria’s Secret Show
this-outfit-from-the-victorias-secret-fashion-show-is-3d-printedThe Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is about so much more than lingerie. Over the years the annual event, which took place in Manhattan in mid-November and airs December 10, has grown into a mega-beast of elaborate outfits, wings, glitter, and musical performances. Of course, all the images of this year's show have leaked. One that caught our eye was of a delicate, snowflake-inspired, 3D-printed bustier.

December 06 2013

Dymant Crafts And Sells The Most Luxurious Products Online
craftsman-2-dymant-featuredPublisher of craftsmanship Dymant just opened its doors to fashion enthusiasts and more generally fans of beautiful objects. Each month, the French startup works with luxury craftsmen to design, produce and sell limited edition objects to a demanding clientele. “What gift can you make to someone who already has everything?” co-founder and CEO David Alexandre Klingbeil told me in a phone interview. “All of our creations are limited and numbered editions so that you know that you won’t find the same object at your friend’s house,” he continued. Objects will range from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars. Yet, even if you have enough money, you have to be invited by an existing user to become a member of the club. With those two key elements, Dymant will remain an exclusive experience for a while. Instead of simply selling the objects on a private website, Dymant has a strong editorial focus. Every month, the startup will select a new theme and find craftsmen to create objects around this topic. Then, everything is put together in a digital magazine — Volume 0 is named “The Secret”. Dymant asks an artist to make the cover for each volume. For example, for this first cover, a video artist made a one-minute video showing hidden doors, keys and other dreamy images. You flip the page and find a foreword written by a famous luxury person — L’éclaireur founder Armand Hadida wrote the first one. And of course, you can see the objects of the month. Every page comes with an explanation about how each object was made. Craftsmen have a story to tell and Dymant wants to be the platform to unleash those stories. The volume is available on Dymant’s website and works well on a computer, a tablet and a phone. When I asked Klingbeil what were the objects available this month, he didn’t want to answer me — Dymant is a secret club after all. But he said that the company works with leather craftsmen, woodworkers and jewelers (you can expect black diamonds for example). The team of four has raised $1.35 million from Partech Ventures and IDinvest. Now available in Europe and the U.S., Asia is already the next target. Early next year, the startup will expand to Asian markets. “It’s a great advantage to be located in France,” Klingbeil told me. “It would be impossible to do a luxury

November 26 2013

Bib + Tuck Has An App Now, Begins More Stringent Filtering On What Brands Users Can Swap
The fashion swap site Bib + Tuck launched in November 2012 as a private, invite-only community and opened up to the public late this summer. The startup is now pushing its product with the release of its first app today, while sharpening its aesthetic perspective through a new rule, implemented today, that users can only sell items from a list of approved brands.

November 23 2013

Gift Guide: For The Tech-Happy Fashionista
The holidays truly are the most magical time of the year. The twinkly lights, the spiked eggnog... the designer collaborations on your favorite tech products. It warms the heart.

November 22 2013

Consignment Startups Like Tradesy Could Help Retailers Close The Loop On Product Lifecycles
With a good enough premise, a fashion startup can build a community of thousands, all obsessing over the pieces that they want or need in their closets (it's basically the same). That in turns means that they're aggregating tons of data about how and when people are buying. You see where we're going with this.

November 21 2013

Twice Brings Its Secondhand Clothing Marketplace To iPad
Online consignment shop for women's clothing, Twice, has made the move to mobile, starting first with a dedicated app for iPad, out now. The company, founded in 2012 and backed by $4.6 million in outside funding, was already seeing over half its emails opened on iPad, indicating a need to better address users on this platform with a native experience. Now that the app is live, the company expects it will drive around 25% of all revenue post-launch.

November 20 2013

Frank & Oak Ups Its Brick-And-Mortar Game As It Hits 1 Million Members
Online menswear retailer and subscription service startup Frank & Oak is opening two new retail stores, including one pop-up shop coming to Toronto today (something it's experimented with before) and one permanent location that opened in Montreal last week. The clothing subscription and ecommerce site moves closer to becoming a more traditional retailer in some kind of weird, backwards-through-time-and-trends move, but whatever it's doing appears to be working – the startup revealed to TechCrunch that it has now hit 1 million total members, which represents 500 percent year-over-year growth.

November 11 2013

Trendabl Adds Commerce To Its Social Fashion Platform, Because Pretty Pictures Are Better With A Buy Button
A year and a half after launch, Trendabl — the Instagram-like social platform strictly for fashion photos — has introduced e-commerce to its offerings. It's a natural next step for a service that already lets users, brands, and magazines upload photos and tag the items pictured.

October 29 2013

AbbeyPost, An Etsy For Plus-Size Clothing, Has Its Eye On Democratizing Fashion
Like so many other startups, Abbey Post grew out of a personal pain. Founder Cynthia Schames had become fed up with the lack of stylish plus-size clothing available to her. "I was having the hardest time finding clothes. I live in New York," Schames says. "If I can't find stuff to wear, where is everyone else shopping?"

October 22 2013

Fashion GPS Gets Cozy With Editors, Provides Access To Product Stills
Three years after it began powering the event management logistics of fashion week, Fashion GPS is going one step deeper into the seasonal editorial cycle. Its newest feature, Styles 2.0, launched today as a platform for PR agencies to push out assets to editors after the shows are over, when they begin requesting styles for shoots.

September 30 2013

With Launch of iOS App, 99dresses Goes Mobile-Only For Dress Swapping Goodness
99dresses, the Y Combinator-backed startup that gives women the ability to hit "refresh" on their wardrobes as often as they like through clothing swaps, has gone mobile exclusive with the roll out of its new iOS app. With the relaunch, the startup has fundamentally reworked the virtual currency system on which its swaps operate, the previous version of which didn't do as well in the U.S. as it had with 99dresses' original user base in Australia.

September 27 2013

After Kickstarter Success, Ministry of Supply Lands $1.1M To Expand Its Tech-Savvy Men's Line
Founded by a couple of MIT grads in 2010, Ministry of Supply set out on a mission to breathe a little fresh air into the starchy world of business attire. Using some of the same technology found in NASA's space suits, the Boston-based startup developed a line of more "technologically-savvy," adaptive dress shirts that help control perspiration, reduce odor and wrinkling but don't make you look like a goon.
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