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August 12 2013

Twenty People Injured At LG G2 Promotional Event
LG held a promotional event in Seoul, South Korea where 20 people were injured in a race to grab balloons containing free certificates for the company's latest smartphone, the G2. According to the Korea Times, LG is covering medical costs of those injured during the event.
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August 05 2013

LG Is Looking To Buy Some Coverage For Its New Phone
As the march towards the convergence of journalism and marketing marches ever onward today we celebrate LG's efforts to buy press for their new phone, the LG G2. We received this email this morning from a member of the Burson Marsteller team in Korea. I've left out her name because clearly she's new over there. It proposes that we do either an in-depth review of a specific feature of the phone (battery or the display, naturally), or a wild and crazy 1:1 comparison against many devices, including a "torching test." They'll even pay for multiple reviews of the phone!
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