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February 14 2014


February 03 2014

Fly Or Die: LG G Flex
Screenshot 2014-02-02 18.47.50The LG G Flex is one of the most hyped phones of the year. Granted, it's only January and granted, LG isn't the most exciting Android manufacturer around, but it has a curved display! Curved, I say! And LG even says it can heal itself if you scratch it.

January 06 2014

WebOS Design Lead Takes Us Through LG’s New Smart TV Platform Ambitions
lg-webos-tv-smart-tv-ces-635LG's putting webOS to good use – as the basis for its new smart TV platform. The operating system has taken many turns in its long and varied history, starting out as a smartphone platform under Palm and then later finding a home at HP through acquisition, as a basis for the doomed HP TouchPad. Finally, it's now ended up at LG.
Hands On With LG’s Life Band Touch: A Wristband To Rule Them All?
lg-life-band-touch3LG's new fitness tracker is interesting because it also seems to stand a very good chance of providing people with many of the features they'd need from a smartwatch, including incoming call notifications and remote control for a smartphone-based music player. I braved a throng of sweaty journalists to try one on, and came away impressed.
LG’s Life Band Touch Health Tracker/Smartwatch And Heart Rate Earphones Ship This Spring
IMG_6981LG's Life Band Touch is a fitness tracker that offers smartwatch features, including incoming call notifications and display. It uses Bluetooth LE, and works with both Android and iOS devices. There are controls on the device that let you switch tracks, play and pause music playback and more.

December 18 2013

BBM To Come Preinstalled On LG Smartphones
bbm-androidBlackBerry is keeping the hope alive with a partnership with LG. Announced today, the LG G Pro Lite will ship with BBM already installed on the smartphone. This comes two months after BBM’s Android and iOS launch. It quickly found footing, and following its launch, raked in 10M downloads in a day. BBM is still a small player in the messaging app game, but there’s no questioning that consumers have latched onto the platform. We all know the broad strokes: Research In Motion-turned BlackBerry is quickly dying. Its last-ditch effort in consumer hardware failed to revive the storied smartphone brand. But the company is still alive, albeit on life support. BlackBerry Ltd also announced today the hiring of former SAP mobile boss John Sims to lead its global enterprise business. This partnership with LG shows there could be a future for BlackBerry that doesn’t involve a bankruptcy court. The Canada-based company will never regain its share of the smartphone market, but there’s plenty of money to be made in enterprise infrastructure and global communication. BlackBerry announces its latest quarterly earnings on Friday. It should be a bloodbath.

December 10 2013

Source Code Says LG’s G-Pad Tablet Will Get The Google Play Edition Treatment
gpad-largeGoogle and LG have been getting awfully cozy lately -- the web giant tasked the Korean company with delivering its two most recent Nexus smartphones, and if you're the type to put stock in rumors, it seemed like a new Nexus tablet (bearing the model number "LG-V510") would be the next fruit of their union. Well, according some files posted to LG's own site, it isn't. Not exactly, anyway.

October 29 2013

Smartphones Now Account For 60% Of Mobile Phones Shipped Globally, With Apple Expected To Rebound On The iPhone 5s, Says Strategy Analytics
Global shipments of smartphones are continuing to increase, growing 45% to hit a record 251 million units in Q3 2013, from 172.8 million units a year ago, according to the latest report from Strategy Analytics.

October 27 2013

The Nexus 5 Gets A New Color And A New Rumored Launch Date
There really isn't much we don't know about Google and LG's new Nexus 5 at this point -- a leaked service manual blew the door open on plenty of technical details, and Google even "accidentally" outed the device in the Google Play Store, giving us a $349 price tag for the base 16GB model. Now, thanks to the one and only @evleaks, we've gotten yet another glimpse at the forthcoming phone in some decidedly different livery.

October 14 2013

LG May Fire Back At Samsung With Its Own Curvy Smartphone Next Month
And the seemingly age-old war between LG and Samsung continues. This time the battle is centered around curved displays on smartphones -- Samsung has already shown its hand with the curious Galaxy Round, and now some newly-disseminated images seem to indicate that LG is going to return fire in short order.

October 06 2013

LG's New Nexus Phone Gets Detailed In Leaked Service Manual
There’s been no shortage of leaks that claim to show off Google’s next Nexus smartphone (including this not-so-subtle nod from Google itself) over the past weeks and months, but we may have just hit the mother lode this weekend. The folks at Android Police have gotten their hands on a hefty, near-final draft of a 281 page service manual for the forthcoming device, which still technically bears the LG D821 model number.

October 05 2013

Google, SAP, Cisco & Samsung Among Potential Tech Buyers For Some Or All Of BlackBerry, Says Reuters
Google, SAP and Cisco are among a number of technology companies interested in buying up portions -- or all -- of BlackBerry's business, according to Reuters, which cites several sources close to the matter. BlackBerry has also apparently asked for preliminary expressions from Intel, LG and Samsung, by early next week.

September 06 2013

Nexus 5 Could Get LTE, 5-Inch Display And Snapdragon 800 Processor, Per FCC Filing For New LG Device
Rumors about Google's next Nexus device are heating up in the wake of a perceived leak via the company's own promotional video for Android KitKat earlier this week. Today, a filing from the FCC (via Engadget) that details a new, unreleased LG device making its way to the U.S. offers up what could be some more granular information on Google's next Android reference smartphone.

August 12 2013

Twenty People Injured At LG G2 Promotional Event
LG held a promotional event in Seoul, South Korea where 20 people were injured in a race to grab balloons containing free certificates for the company's latest smartphone, the G2. According to the Korea Times, LG is covering medical costs of those injured during the event.
Tags: Drama Mobile TC LG G2

August 05 2013

LG Is Looking To Buy Some Coverage For Its New Phone
As the march towards the convergence of journalism and marketing marches ever onward today we celebrate LG's efforts to buy press for their new phone, the LG G2. We received this email this morning from a member of the Burson Marsteller team in Korea. I've left out her name because clearly she's new over there. It proposes that we do either an in-depth review of a specific feature of the phone (battery or the display, naturally), or a wild and crazy 1:1 comparison against many devices, including a "torching test." They'll even pay for multiple reviews of the phone!

July 26 2013

Asian Mobile Makers Squeeze Apple's Global Smartphone Share To Its Lowest For 3-Years In Record 230M Unit Q2
More proof, if proof were needed, that Apple needs a low cost iPhone to get its smartphone momentum mojo back: Cupertino's share of the global smartphone market fell to its lowest for three years in Q2, with just 31.2 million iPhones shipped in the quarter and Apple's second place ranking declining to a 14% market share -- this despite the overall smartphone market growing 47% annually.

July 10 2013

LG's Secret New Phone, The Optimus G2, Gets Leaked A Month Early
You know that big announcement LG has scheduled for next month? The one with the invite that more or less shouts "HEY WE'RE ANNOUNCING A PHONE CALLED THE G2 AT THIS EVENT"? Yeah, so, the G2 seems to have just leaked. Whoops!
Tags: TC LG Optimus G2

July 08 2013

LG Is Teasing Its Forthcoming LG “G2″ Flagship Like Whoa
It’s that time again. Korean electronics manufacturer LG is ramping up to release their latest flagship, the “successor to the Optimus G.” Teasing us endlessly, the company has released a teaser video getting us ready for the August 7th unveiling of the new phone. But this is only the latest in a string of PR stunts to build hype. Last month, the company sent out a press release that never actually gave a name to the phone. Instead, the release just mentioned the phone would run on a Snapdragon 800 processor. Cue the “oohs” and “ahhs.” More recently, we’ve received invitations to a special event in NYC on August 7th. The invitation hints heavily at the long-rumored G2′s launch, reading “Great 2 have you,” with the G and the 2 being much larger than everything else on the invite. However, this morning’s teaser video adds much more solidity to the notion that the next LG flagship will show its pretty face in less than a month. Even if you aren’t excited about LG’s next smartphone, the video is a cute way to start the morning if you need a little extra encouragement. G thinks you’re perfect, and you know what? So do I. [via Engadget]
Tags: Mobile TC LG

July 25 2012

LG’s Q2 2012 Earnings: $138M In Net Profits, Up 46% YOY, Phone Sales Still Lagging
LG headquarters
LG has been turning a corner of late, getting its mobile division out of a six-quarter-long rut. Today's Q2 report outlines a 46 percent increase in net profits year-over-year at $138 million, though phone sales continue to be an obstacle. Overall revenues went up from last quarter, but are still down from a year ago. The handset division in particular had an operating loss of $49.5 million, which has a lot to do with the decline in feature phone sales. Smartphone sales, on the other hand, rose to 44 percent of all units sold, which is up from Q1's 36 percent.

April 30 2012

LG To Pull Away From Windows Phone’s Loving Embrace, Refocus On Android
Sure, Windows Phone is still but a baby alongside Android and iOS, but the platform shows promise. Woz likes it. And the fact that it's backed by hardware partners like Samsung and Nokia says good things, as well. But it would seem that LG, coming off of a few quarters in the red, has decided to back away from the platform. LG reportedly told the Korea Herald that the company would be focusing on Android handsets going forward, since "the total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure."
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