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February 14 2014

Here’s The Full Video Of The 7th Annual Crunchies Awards
crunchies logoDidn't get a ticket to the Crunchies before they sold out? Miss the live stream? Don't sweat it — we brought the whole thing back to you in glorious HD. From the Broadway-style opener by the incredibly talented Spencer Rose to the spot-on roasting of Silicon Valley by host John Oliver, it's all here.
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February 11 2014

Congratulations, Crunchies Winners! Kickstarter Wins Best Overall Startup
IMG_9992It was a night for the ages. At the 7th Annual Crunchies Award show, Kickstarter beat out CloudFlare, Snapchat, Twitter and Uber, and walked away with the Crunchie for Best Overall Startup. Chris Sacca won the Crunchie For Angel Of The Year, Dropbox’s Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi won Founder of the Year, and Tinder took home Best New Startup. At the start of the show, Jon Oliver proclaimed, partly in jest, there are no losers at the Crunchies. “All the companies nominated are not losers,” Oliver states as only he can, “there are only companies that just failed to win.” We’re proud of all the nominees and applaud all the crazy innovations that startups and founders are constantly developing. Best Technology Achievement Apple A7 Processor – Runner-up Bitcoin – Winner node.js Planet Labs low-cost satellites Project Loon Best Collaborative Consumption Service Airbnb – Winner Crowdtilt DogVacay Homejoy Lyft – Runner-up Best E-Commerce Application BarkBox Good Eggs Polyvore – Runner-up Warby Parker Wanelo – Winner Best Mobile Application Mailbox Snapchat – Winner Tinder VSCO Cam WhatsApp Vsco Cam – Runner-up Fastest Rising Startup Lulu QuizUp – Runner-up Tinder Upworthy – Winner Whisper Best Health Startup Fitbit MyFitnessPal One Medical Group – Winner Oscar – Runner-up Practice Fusion Best Design Exposure by Elepath Nest Protect Pencil by FiftyThree – Winner Hi Yahoo Weather – Runner-up Best Bootstrapped Startup Grammarly – Runner-up Imgur – Winner NerdWallet SmugMug TaskUs Sexiest Enterprise Startup Box ClearSlide New Relic – Winner Optimizely Zendesk – Winner Best International Startup BlaBlaCar – Runner-up Huddle Supercell Waze – Winner Xiaomi Best Education Startup – Runner-up CreativeLIVE Duolingo – Winner Khan Academy Treehouse Best Hardware Startup 3D Robotics – Runner-up Oculus VR – Winner SmartThings Sonos Square Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Candy Crush Saga – Winner Netflix – Runner-up Tinder Vibease Vine Biggest Social Impact – Runner-up Crowdtilt Edward Snowden’s NSA Revelations – Winner StopWatching.Us Watsi Angel of the Year Steve Anderson Michael Dearing Keith Rabois Babak Nivi & Naval Ravikant – Runner-up Chris Sacca – Winner VC of the Year Peter Fenton (Benchmark) – Winner Jim Goetz (Sequoia Capital) Reid Hoffman (Greylock Partners) Bill Maris (Google Ventures) Bijan Sabet (Spark Capital) – Runner-up Founder of the Year Arash Ferdowsi  & Drew Houston (Dropbox) – Winner David Karp (Tumblr) Aaron Levie (Box) Lee Holloway , Matthew Prince & Michelle Zatlyn(CloudFlare) – Runner-up Deena Varshavskaya (Wanelo) CEO of the Year Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Dick Costolo (Twitter) –
Kickstarter Wins The 2013 Crunchie For “Best Overall Startup” By Leveling The Maker Playing Field
IMG_9995It’s not often that a startup changes the way the world works, but Kickstarter has done just that. The crowdfunding site had a banner 2013 and has won the Best Overall Startup award at this year’s Crunchies.  The category was packed with strong contenders. CloudFlare is a silent partner to the modern content delivery system of the Internet. Snapchat is a young but powerful entry into the consumer Internet market, and Twitter has enabled global real-time conversations without any filter — for better or for worse. Our runner-up startup of the year, Uber, is challenging the transportation status quo and ruffling feathers wherever people use car services. But Kickstarter has done something special in the possibilities that it’s opened up for makers of this and future generations. It has democratized the production of hardware, movies, software and other creative endeavors — allowing individuals unprecedented ability to make what they dream outside of the corporate combine. Its ability to tap funding sources who eventually become its consumers have turned funding models upside down. The company simultaneously fostered a sense of ownership and community around product development and acted as a way for makers to open up about the successes and setbacks of transforming a product from idea to execution. In 2013, Kickstarter had 3 million crowdfunders pledge $480 million with 19,911 successfully funded projects. That marks up to over $13 million pledged per day spread out over the year. That compares to $320 million in 2012 and $100 million in 2011, so it continues to illustrate the desire of people to be directly involved in helping makers to make. Late last year, the company announced that co-founder Perry Chen would step down as CEO and move to a chairman role — to focus on big picture guidance. Co-founder Yancey Strickler has stepped into the CEO slot and is considered by many to be the perfect choice to take on that challenge. The act of making has never been more accessible or more transparent, and Kickstarter has a lot to do with that. The next few years will be interesting ones for crowdfunding and we’re sure they’ll be in the mix.
Peter Fenton Named “VC Of The Year” At The Crunchies
IMG_9976Benchmark's Peter Fenton just won the award for VC of the Year at the Crunchies. Fenton is probably best-known for backing and continuing to serve on the board of Twitter, which went public last year. He's also an investor/board member at Yelp, New Relic, Hortonworks, Zuora, and Polyvore, among others. (If that didn't keep him busy enough, he also serves as a board member for the San Francisco Opera and the California Academy of Sciences.)
Edward Snowden’s NSA Revelations Win Crunchie For Biggest Social Impact
IMG_9968Tonight at the Crunchies, Edward Snowden’s massive leak of NSA material won the Biggest Social Impact category. Besting rivals like and CrowdTilt, Snowden’s successful efforts to demask the mass surveillance undertaken by the National Security Administration on both global and United States citizens has ignited a worldwide discussion surrounding privacy and the proper role of government. That Snowden won, therefore, is no surprise. This is doubly true among the tech-heavy bent of Crunchies voters. The technology industry itself has been a target of the NSA’s work through programs like PRISM and others. MUSCULAR, an NSA effort to tap the data lines between Google datacenters on foreign soil, is just one example of how tech companies have come under the larger cloud of the state. Naturally, Snowden wasn’t able to pick up the award in person. Other groups nominated in the category were StopWatching.Us, a protest group against surveillance;, an effort to help kids learn to code; CrowdTilt, a group funding tool; and Watsi, a crowdfunding platform working to bring healthcare to the underprivileged. The pace of revelations from the Snowden trove has slowed in recent weeks, but the impact of what he shook loose from the United States government has led to government inquiry, lawsuits and just, perhaps, real coming change. IMAGE BY FLICKR USER MW238 UNDER CC BY 2.0 LICENSE (IMAGE HAS BEEN CROPPED) 
Snapchat Wins ‘Best Mobile Application’ At The 2013 Crunchies, Award Disappears In 10 Seconds
IMG_9916This year’s best mobile app is Snapchat, at least according to the 2013 Crunchies Awards. The ephemeral photo and video messaging app beat out a tough crowd this year, including Mailbox, Tinder, VSCO Cam and WhatsApp. This is Snapchat’s second Crunchie, since it won fastest rising startup last year for its speedy early user growth. Snapchat began in 2011 at Stanford, and the service took off, finding purchase not just among the usual early adopter crowd, but also with mainstream users. Snapchat was reportedly sending 400 million messages per day as of November, which is 8 times the volume of snaps that were being sent as of the end of 2012, when it won its fastest riser award at our show. Co-founder Evan Spiegel accepted the award for the startup from TechCrunch writer Greg Kumparak, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Yahoo SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products Adam Cahan. The winner last year was Google Maps, which vaulted into the top spot based on its long-awaited release on iOS after it was removed from the default set of pre-installed applications by Apple in iOS 6. Snapchat has indeed won the moment, and is riding high enough that Spiegel famously turned down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook for the app. So far, it seems like it’ll accrue a lot more than just 10 seconds of fame before it flames out, but it’ll be interesting to see how it plans to mature as a business from here.
Bitcoin Wins Best Technology Achievement But Satoshi Doesn’t Show
IMG_9908Eyewitnesses at the Crunchies tonight reported seeing a shadowy figure hiding in the eaves of the opera hall, watching the proceedings with a gimlet eye. Perhaps, in light of the Best Technology Achievement going to Bitcoin, Satoshi himself was lurking in the gloom?
Watch The 7th Annual Crunchies Award Show Right Here
crunchies 2The Super Bowl. The Winter Olympics. The Grammys and the Academy Awards. ‘Tis the season for live spectacles, and as such, I’m pleased to welcome you to the 7th Annual Crunchies Awards where TechCrunch, Gigaom and VentureBeat join together and award the best technology of 2013. Tonight’s gonna be a good night. To start, we have John Oliver hosting, who is sure to delight and surprise as always. Plus, we have some star-studded presenters handing out the 20 awards, including those for Best Technology Achievement, Fastest Rising Startup, and CEO of the Year. Who will walk away victorious? Obviously, you have to stay tuned to find out. Enjoy! Nominees Best Technology Achievement Apple A7 Processor (Related Posts) Bitcoin (Related Posts) node.js (Related Posts) Planet Labs low-cost satellites (Related Posts) Project Loon (Related Posts) Best Collaborative Consumption Service Airbnb (Related Posts) Crowdtilt (Related Posts) DogVacay (Related Posts) Homejoy (Related Posts) Lyft (Related Posts) Best E-Commerce Application BarkBox (Related Posts) Good Eggs (Related Posts) Polyvore (Related Posts) Warby Parker (Related Posts) Wanelo (Related Posts) Best Mobile Application Mailbox (Related Posts) Snapchat (Related Posts) Tinder (Related Posts) VSCO Cam WhatsApp (Related Posts) Fastest Rising Startup Lulu (Related Posts) QuizUp (Related Posts) Tinder (Related Posts) Upworthy (Related Posts) Whisper (Related Posts) Best Health Startup Fitbit (Related Posts) MyFitnessPal (Related Posts) One Medical Group (Related Posts) Oscar (Related Posts) Practice Fusion (Related Posts) Best Design Exposure by Elepath Nest Protect (Related Posts) Pencil by FiftyThree (Related Posts) Hi (Related Posts) Yahoo Weather (Related Posts) Best Bootstrapped Startup Grammarly Imgur (Related Posts) NerdWallet (Related Posts) SmugMug (Related Posts) TaskUs Sexiest Enterprise Startup Box (Related Posts) ClearSlide (Related Posts) New Relic (Related Posts) Optimizely (Related Posts) Zendesk (Related Posts) Best International Startup BlaBlaCar (Related Posts) Huddle (Related Posts) Supercell (Related Posts) Waze (Related Posts) Xiaomi (Related Posts) Best Education Startup (Related Posts) CreativeLIVE (Related Posts) Duolingo (Related Posts) Khan Academy (Related Posts) Treehouse (Related Posts) Best Hardware Startup 3D Robotics (Related Posts) Oculus VR (Related Posts) SmartThings (Related Posts) Sonos (Related Posts) Square (Related Posts) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Candy Crush Saga (Related Posts) Netflix (Related Posts) Tinder (Related Posts) Vibease (Related Posts) Vine (Related Posts) Biggest Social Impact (Related Posts) Crowdtilt (Related Posts) Edward Snowden’s NSA Revelations (Related Posts) StopWatching.Us (Related Posts) Watsi (Related Posts) Angel of the Year Steve Anderson (Related Posts) Michael Dearing (Related Posts) Keith Rabois (Related Posts) Babak Nivi & Naval Ravikant (Related Posts)

February 03 2014

The 7th Annual Crunchies Awards Are In 7 Days And Tickets Are Almost Sold Out
crunchiesTickets for this year’s Crunchies are almost gone. The show is next week. A few tickets can still be had, but sections are selling out quickly. This is the biggest night of the year for Silicon Valley. Get dressed up and come celebrate technology with us. Next Monday, starting at 7:30, we’ll take over the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco to recognize the best startups, founders, engineers and venture capitalists from last year. Along with Gigaom and VentureBeat, we’ll award 20 Crunchies in total ranging from Best Technology Achievement to Best Mobile Application to Founder of the Year. John Oliver is hosting again this year. That alone is worth the price of admission. The after party begins immediately following the ceremony at 9:00 pm until 11:30 pm. Admission to the party is included with a purchase of an Awards Ceremony ticket. As always there will be a hosted bar, music, and other fun surprises. See you next week! Event management for The 2013 Crunchies Awards powered by Eventbrite

January 25 2014


TechCrunch Giveaway: 20 Anki DRIVE Starter Kits And Free Ticket to The Crunchies

anki driveThe team over at Anki is so thrilled about being a Crunchie Award finalist for “Best New Startup of 2013″ that they’ve decided to show their appreciation to our readers by spreading the Anki love and giving away Anki Drive starter kits (each valued at $199.95) to 20 lucky people. One very lucky person will also receive a free ticket to the Crunchies (valued at $120). This is your chance to take home an Anki Drive and then share your racing experience with the tech industry’s best and brightest at the Crunchies on February 10th.

Anki Drive has been described as “Mario Kart” that comes to life on your living room floor. Did you hear that? Mario Kart! For a hands-on look at Anki Drive, check out Greg’s review below.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is follow the steps below. We will be choosing 10 from each step, and you may do both to double your chances:

1) Comment below telling us what you like about driving/racing

2) Tweet this article with the #Crunchies hashtag

The giveaway will start now and end Wednesday, January 29th, at 7:30pm. Please note the Crunchies ticket is for one ticket only, and does not include airfare or hotel. Also, voting closes tomorrow at 11:59pm PT. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Crunchies finalists here.

Good luck!

Our sponsors help make the Crunchies happen. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact our sponsorship team here:

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January 24 2014

Last Call To Vote For The Crunchies
zuckVoting is about to close for The 7th Annual Crunchies Award. You have until Sunday 26, 2014 at 11:59 pm PST to throw your support behind your favorite startups, technology, apps, founders and venture capitalists. Will Mark Zuckerberg will CEO of the Year again? Is GitHub still the overall startup? Which new technology was the best of 2013? It's all up to you. Vote here.

January 06 2014

John Oliver To Host The Crunchies
jon oliver 2We're excited to announce the return of John Oliver, former Daily Show correspondent and current bon vivant, at our annual Crunchies event in San Francisco on February 10, 2014. That's right: Oliver will be back to give the Valley the loving drubbing it deserves. Watch the best bits from last year's show right here. John Oliver has been a writer and correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart since 2006. And, for two months this summer he hosted The Daily Show while Jon Stewart was busy directing a feature film called Rosewater. John recently left The Daily Show and is back on NBC's Community. And, in addition to Community, in 2014 he'll be launching a brand new Sunday night comedy series with HBO. He's also had multiple Writers Guild and Emmy Nominations for his writing on The Daily Show and won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy Writing In A Comedy or Variety Series in both 2009 and 2011.
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Announcing The 2013 Crunchies Finalists, Vote Now
crunchies 2After a rush of nominations, TechCrunch and our partners GigaOm and VentureBeat, are proud to announce the the 7th Annual Crunchies Awards finalists. The full list is below and voting begins now. There are 20 categories in all ranging from Fastest Rising Startup and Sexiest Enterprise Startup to Founder of the Year. This year we're introducing the Best Health Startup to the Crunchies mix. Best of all, you, our lovely readers, decide who will take home these honors.

December 13 2013

Want To Win A Crunchie? Nominations Close Sunday
crunchies monkey selfieEvery year the Crunchies, our annual awards show, defines what it means to be a start-up. We bring the scrappiest, hard-workingest, and most amazing star-ups on stage and celebrate them at one of the most amazing events of the year. But we can't celebrate you if you're not nominated. Time is running out to nominate your favorite startup, founder, CEO and technology of the year. We're closing nominations on December 15, so please hurry.
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November 22 2013

Announcing The 7th Annual Crunchies Awards
The glitz. The glamour. The nerds. It’s nearly time for the 7th Annual Crunchies Awards, where TechCrunch, GigaOm, and VentureBeat put aside the day-to-day bloodsport of blogging and celebrate the best of technology. As in years past, the collective tech blog community will give awards to the best and brightest startups, founders, investors and thought leaders in our industry. There are 20 Crunchies categories in all, including CEO of the Year and Best New Startup, and nominations are now open. The award ceremony will take place on Monday, February 10, 2014 at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco,beginning at 7:30 pm. Davies is an elegant venue that has hosted some of the greatest musical performances in history and now the Crunchies. Following the Awards, the Davies will also provide a festive playground for this year’s after party. As always there will be a hosted bar, hors d’oeuvres, intriguing interactive entertainment and other fun surprises. And tech bloggers. General admission tickets are now available and start at $80. Seating is very limited and the event tends to sell out quickly. Crunchies nominations close on December 15th at 11:59pm. Sell Tickets Online through Eventbrite

January 27 2012

#Humblebrag: Jack Dorsey, Reid Hoffman, Kevin Rose Coming To The Crunchies; Harris Wittels Hosting
After writing for NBC's Parks and Recreation for the past couple years (he's about to start a writing gig for HBO's Eastbound and Down), and authoring the sarcastic but brilliant and hilarious @HumbleBrag, Harris Wittels has decided to bring his talents to TechCrunch. This year, he will be hosting the Crunchies Awards, and bringing his chiding humor. If you're not familiar with Humblebrag, he scours Twitter in search of  braggadocio wrapped in humility. I'm willing to bet at least one of you has been retweeted. If so, post them in the comments below. We want to see. Not only is Wittels hosting, but Jack Dorsey, Kevin Rose, Marissa Mayer, Kevin Systrom, Reid Hoffman, Ron Conway and many more will also be joining us, many of them presenting awards themselves. This is going to be one night you won't want to miss. We have just released our last batch of tickets. If you would like to come to the Crunchies Awards, make sure to go here to get them, and get them quickly since they tend to sell very fast. And there's still time to vote for the best startups, apps, investors, and founders of the year. Voting ends at midnight on Sunday.
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January 20 2012

More Crunchies Tickets Just Released
Have you voted for your favorite startups of 2011? Well what are you waiting for? Vote NOW. The Crunchies Awards are only a week away and we have been hustling behind the scenes getting ready for the big event. For those of you who do not know what the Crunchies Awards are about, think of them as the Oscars for technology. We host the awards show every year with our co-hosts GigaOm and VentureBeat and every year it's a smash hit with all-star guests and winners. We have categories ranging from Best Technology Achievement, to CEO of the Year, all the way to Best Startup of the Year. For this year's awards show, you can take a look at all of the final nominees up for the award here.
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January 21 2011


So, What’s this Monkey Statue All About? (TCTV)

The Crunchies Statue. Sure, everyone wants it. But so many people ask us, “Why the hell is it a monkey?” (Hint.)

Still, no one was quite as confused by it as our new intern. Lucky for us a documentary crew was in that day to catch the footage. Watch below.

January 19 2011


Announcing Last Call For Crunchies Tix, Last Chance To Vote, And A Pre-Party By Animoto!

We’re getting down to the wire … only four days to go until we reveal the 2010 Crunchies Award winners! Will you be there to see your favorite startups and founders take home the triumphant monkey? This year’s ceremony promises to be a night to remember, which is why we encourage you to take advantage of our final round of ticket sales, beginning right now. Please visit Eventbrite to snag your pair.

There is also still time to vote for your favorites until midnight PT tonight. So far about 650,000 votes are in, but anything is still possible. Some of this year’s finalists include Groupon, Foursquare, Instagram, Quora, Flipboard, Angry Birds, and Twitter.

We are also proud to announce that our friends at Animoto will be hosting a Crunchies pre-party from 5 to 7:30pm in their brand new offices in downtown San Francisco. Shuttles will be available from Animoto’s offices to the Palace of Fine Arts. Details and tickets can be found here.

As a reminder, doors for general seating will open at 6:45pm and the show will begin at 7:30pm sharp! We have a lot of show to get through together with our co-hosts GigaOm and VentureBeat and you won’t want to miss a single second. The ceremony will be chock full of entertainment, featuring the RockJazz of uber-Pianist ELEW, who will also play a special set at our after-party. Red Bull talent DJ Platurn, Pro-BMX Flatlander Terry Adams, and internet dance sensation, the Oakland TURF Dancers, are set to round out the evening’s lineup and keep the energy pumping.

A word about parking—there is free parking at the Palace of Fine Arts Complex as well as a few overflow lots near the Marina, but, remember, parking is very limited. Please read these driving directions so you can plan your visit. We encourage you to get there early and carpool with friends.

We’ve also received numerous questions about the Crunchies’ hardware—our inimitable monkey trophies. In answer to those “what’s the deal with the monkeys?” inquiries, we will direct you to a post written by TechCrunch’s own Mike Arrington announcing the first Crunchies Awards, in which he explains that the monkeys are a nod to Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Thanks to the presence of a mysterious extraterrestrial monolith, Kubrick’s great apes learn to make use of tools and weapons, marking the beginning of a technological evolution that continues today—and is celebrated by our annual Crunchies Awards. Heady stuff, to be sure. You can see the clip that became our inspiration here.

Lastly, we also encourage both TechCrunch fans and Crunchies attendees to employ our #crunchies hashtag when discussing the event (and when making those last minute award predictions) on Twitter.

And remember: Finalist voting ends tonight, January 19, at midnight, so be sure to support your favorites among the 100+ finalists for the Best of 2010. You can do so here.

Who is going to take home those monkeys? Is the suspense killing you? It’s killing me. We can’t wait to see you there!

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