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February 24 2014


February 20 2014

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February 13 2014

Apple Files Patent For Automated Disposable Email Addresses To Help Handle Spam
trackback-spamA new Apple patent application published today (via AppleInsider) details a system for heading off email spam and tracking its source. The tech automates a process many people now use manually, setting up temporary email addresses to be used for web service signups, which can then be thrown away when compromised by a spammy service, and provide clues as to which provider betrayed your trust. The system would automatically generate disposable email addresses based on the service you want to use it with, and possibly contain an identifier in its construction to let you know where spam is coming from. So, for instance, if you signed up for Service X, the email might be “” Managing said email addresses and dealing with cutting off the ones that are subject to spam can be done through web and app graphic user interfaces, as described in the patent, too. Spam is a problem that only increases the more we use email and the web, and addresses not diligently maintained can quickly become overwhelmed with inbound communications from services not necessarily being responsible with your shared information. Apple may seem like an odd candidate as someone trying to tackle this problem, but the company has iCloud and acts as an email provider as part of that product’s suite of cloud services. It’s in the company’s best interest to minimize spam and help pare down on email address churn – if users can manage to keep one permanent address safe from spammers, they won’t have to change their main contact info frequently, which has benefits in terms of protecting the integrity of iTunes and Apple ID accounts.
Tags: TC Apple spam email

February 07 2014

Y Combinator-Backed Sendwithus Offers A/B Testing And Analytics Tools For Email Marketers
sendwithusSendwithus aims to bring optimization and A/B testing to marketers and anyone else sending out targeted promotional emails. The company, which is part of the current class of Y Combinator-incubated startups, was founded by Matt Harris and Brad Van Vugt. Harris told me that Sendwithus emerged from the pair's work as developers, when they found themselves repeatedly having to change a bunch of email templates and wanting to test different variants but finding that there was no real technology in place to do so. (Larger companies will usually build their own systems for this, he said.)

December 12 2013

LinkedIn Refreshes Its Inbox With Message Previews And A Simpler Interface To Keep Users Around Longer
linkedin-inbox-details-viewLinkedIn, the social network for the professional world, has been going through a overhaul of every aspect of its platform. Today, it's the turn of the inbox, which is refreshing its inbox with better navigation and more instant information. In a way, it's LinkedIn's personal contribution to this week's trend among social platforms like Twitter and Instagram to revisit their messaging services.

November 13 2013

SquareOne For iPhone Organizes Your Email, Gives You Better Control Over Notifications
Dropbox's acquisition of Mailbox for $100 million has fueled more interest and development of mobile applications aimed at helping users triage their way through overcrowded inboxes. The latest idea in the making is SquareOne, an email app arriving now in beta, which will allow users to designate which emails are important and worth their time. But it does this in a different way than typical "priority inbox" scenarios do today.

November 11 2013

Email Productivity Startup Yesware Makes Its First Acquisition, Buys San Francisco-Based File-Sharing Service
Yesware, an email productivity startup for salespeople, which just this fall raised an additional $13.5 million in Series B funding, has made its first acquisition. The company is acquiring the email file-sharing startup, which is also officially shutting down as of today. The entire five-person team from is joining Boston-based Yesware, but will remain in San Francisco, effectively establishing a new office for the company in the area, where Yeware reports a growing customer base.

September 26 2013

WriteThat.Name's New Chrome Extension Updates Your Address Book Or CRM With Contact Info Found Online
After a little bit of rough start, the automatic address book updating service WriteThat.Name has become one of my preferred "set it and forget tools" for keeping things organized. Built by Paris-based Kwaga, WriteThat.Name is one of those under-the-radar technologies which doesn't get a lot of media attention, but is slowly approaching profitability with over 40,000 paying users and revenue growth of over 15 percent month-over-month.

September 05 2013

Evomail's Gesture-Based Email App Arrives On Android
Evomail, one of the many newer startups trying to rethink the email inbox for mobile, has now arrived on Android. Originally designed as a Gmail client for iPad, the service seemed inspired by a number of well-known apps and email clients, including now Google-owned Sparrow, as well as Dropbox-acquired Mailbox, which popularized the use of gestures as a way to interact with your email.

August 12 2013

Birdseye Turns Your Email Into Art
When I think of Birdseye I usually think of delicious frozen peas. Now, however, there's Birdseye the mail app, a simpler and more streamlined system for handling your mail. Aimed at the email grazer rather than folks who get hundreds of messages a minute, Birdseye separates emails into folders where they are displayed in a graphically rich and easy-to-read way. Instead of, say, sliding through fifty Groupon emails, Birdseye will extract the text and images from these subscription emails and make them into a Flipboard-esque magazine. While the vast majority of us email nerds would argue that this is, as they say in the industry, a "horrible idea," remember that not everyone's mailboxes are full to the bursting point.

July 09 2013

Online Workspace Becomes, Now Focused On Email-Based Collaboration
Dispatch, the NYC-based startup launched out of the TechCrunch NYC 2011 hackathon, is flipping its product on its head - it's shifting from a project management tool with email features to become an email product with project management features. The change, explains the company founders, was inspired by the real-world activity of its users, which today number in the tens of thousands.

May 03 2013


VU#912420: IBM Notes runs arbitrary JAVA and Javascript in emails

Vulnerability Note VU#912420

IBM Notes runs arbitrary JAVA and Javascript in emails

Original Release date: 30 Apr 2013 | Last revised: 03 May 2013


IBM Notes parses arbitrary JAVA and Javascript code by default when viewing emails.


The n.runs AG security advisory states:

Notes 8.5.3 does not filter <applet> tags inside HTML emails. This can be used to load arbitrary Java applets from remote sources (making it an information disclosure as well as this can be used to trigger an HTTP request once the mail is previewed/opened).

Additional details may be found in the full n.runs AG security advisory. It should also be noted that the IBM JRE that comes with the latest patched version of IBM Notes is IBM JRE 6 SR12 while IBM JRE 6 SR13 has been released and includes many security related fixes.


A remote unauthenticated attack may be able to execute arbitrary code in the context of the user viewing emails within IBM Notes.


Apply an Update

IBM's Security Bulletin states:

August 19 2012

Why No One Has Tamed Email
Bio: Gentry Underwood is a software designer and CEO of Orchestra, which recently announced work on a mobile email app called Mailbox. You can find him on Twitter at @gentry. We are awash in email. Everyone complains about email. We feel inundated. Overwhelmed. Out of control. Lately there's been quite a lot of talk about what to do about it. Jordan Cook hates it, MG Siegler tried to quit it, and Alan Henry argues you can't.  People want Gmail to speed up, Yahoo! to catch up, or, someone, anyone, to make something better. While everyone seems to agree that email is broken, no one seems sure how to fix it.

August 08 2012

Here’s What Happened At Fluent
Fluent is shutting down, or so you may have heard. It's no surprise that a startup has failed - most do. It's no surprise that an ambitious, bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew startup that went so far as to proclaim it was inventing "the future of email" is shutting down - that's a hefty order for anyone to fill. And it's no surprise that a company based in Australia (which to most VC's may as well be the moon), couldn't raise enough funding to continue ...well, that's no surprise, but it's pretty sad. What may end up being the bigger takeaway here for anyone daring to tackle one of those frighteningly ambitious startup ideas is that they should know that they're taking on a damned near impossible task. Because if anyone can build a better Gmail, the one that's best positioned to do so is Gmail itself.

July 26 2012

You’ve Got (New) Mail! AOL Finally Rolls Out Its New-Look Web Mail To Its 24M Users
During AOL's Q2 earnings conference call yesterday, CEO Tim Armstrong emphasized several times how the company was moving to a more technology-focused approach in its lines of business. His emphasis was on advertising, but the change in climate is happening in other places, too, it seems: today the company is rolling out an update to AOL Mail, the first overhaul the webmail service has had in five years. The new version will see a new user interface, better integration with other services like messaging -- and a new format for ads on the site. David Temkin, the SVP of mobile and mail at AOL, tells me the rollout has been a long time in coming, and that since December selected groups of users have actually already been getting the new interface. From today, however, it will go out to all 24 million people using AOL Mail -- with no option to switch back if you happened to prefer the older version.

July 25 2012

Maily For iPad Is Your Kids’ First Email Application
Maily is a new iPad app launching today that aims to be your kids' first email application. Because, you know, kids these days and their busy schedules. Ha! In all seriousness, Maily is a communications tool that lets kids easily share messages and drawings with family and friends through a simplified interface that even a small child as young as three can manage, at least according to early tests.

May 10 2012

Major Bummer: WriteThat.Name Wants You To Pay To Keep It From Spamming Your Friends
Shame on you, WriteThat.Name. After more than one personal recommendation, not to mention glowing reviews around the web, I finally got around to signing up for WriteThat.Name, a service which automatically updates your Gmail address book with your contacts' current information, which it pulls from their email signature lines. To be clear, the service is not new - we covered its $1.55 million seed round in January. But you know how it goes, things launch, you forget about them for a while, then you find them again thinking, "wow, how did I miss that?!" The service sounded amazing, and in the brief period of time I used it, it worked beautifully. It seemed like one of those under-the-radar must-haves that just make life easier. But something I came across in the settings concerned me. WriteThat.Name wanted me to pay in order to keep it from spamming my friends? What?

April 18 2012

Cloud Emailer Mailjet Hits 1 Billion Emails Sent, Launches Apps For Tracking Emails In Real Time
Mailjet, a cloud emailing service for tracking marketing and transactional emails, has just launched a mobile application for its business customers offering real-time email tracking. Within the mobile application, users can monitor email deliveries, plus keep an eye on metrics like bounces, opens and clicks. The company, which just rolled out a new version of its platform a couple of weeks ago, is also announcing today that it has now reached 1 billion emails served.

April 13 2012

Facebook One-Ups Google With A Kind Of ‘Facebook+’: Your FB Email, Timeline Names Are Now Linked Up
Screen shot 2012-04-13 at 09.24.21
Facebook today announced a change for how people can find you on its network -- a move for more consistency, but also another route to getting people to use more email in Facebook, and secure its place as the center of your web life. Facebook is now rolling out a service where the name you use in your Facebook timeline will be the same as the name on your Facebook email account. Updated addresses, Facebook wrote in its announcement, will be taking place over the next few weeks. "Anyone who already selected an email address will not be affected," Facebook noted.
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