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February 27 2014


February 20 2014

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February 13 2014

Please Don’t Tell Me You Want To Be The Next Red Hat
Doors lightOpen source software powers the world’s technology. In the past decade, there has been an inexorable adoption of open source in most aspects of computing. Without open source, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and nearly every other modern technology company would not exist. Thanks to an amazing community of innovative, top-notch programmers, open source has become the foundation of cloud computing, software-as-a-service, next generation databases, mobile devices, the consumer Internet, and even Bitcoin.

January 24 2014

Sonatype Updates Component Lifecycle Management Platform To Protect Open-Source Components
Cyber SecuritySonatype has updated its technology to protect software developers from using rogue open-source components that could be used to attack any kind of software, including an app for your phone or even your car or heart monitor. The company has also hired well-known security expert Josh Corman as the company's chief technology officer.

January 16 2014


Microsoft Open Tech Expands To China

Microsoft Open Technologies, a fully owned subsidiary of Microsoft, has long been the company’s main vehicle for reaching out to the open source community. Its main mission is to build technical bridges between Microsoft’s products and open source projects. To allow it to more efficiently work with the fast-growing Chinese market, Open Tech is opening its first international office in Shanghai today, which itself is a fully owned subsidiary of Microsoft Open Tech in the U.S.

As Gianugo Rabellino, the senior director of Open Source Communities at MS Open Tech, told me earlier this week, the idea here is to continue the work that the team has always done. This means reaching out to local open source communities and attending and organizing events. “What we have learned over the years is that it’s not just about events,” he noted. “It’s about day-to-day work with the organizations and engaging with the community.”

In Rabellino’s view, China presents a massive opportunity for MS Open Tech. There are quite a few open-source projects around media servers and databases that are very popular in China, for example, that few developers in Europe or the U.S. have ever heard about. There are also others, like the 2D gaming library CocoStudio, that are already used around the world, but that dominate the market in China.

“The open-source work that is happening in China has a great opportunity to impact the market in general,” Rabellino told me, and that’s why MS Open Tech wants to be a part of it.

In the U.S., the Open Tech team works on projects like porting Node.js to Azure and maintaining a library of open source-based virtual machines for Microsoft’s cloud computing service. The team also worked on bringing Pointer Events to Google’s Blink, Apache’s Cordova project and numerous other open-source tools.

It may still seem like a bit of an oxymoron for some that Microsoft would work on open source projects. As long as you “come bearing patches” and focus the discussion on technology, however, most projects are more than happy to work with the company, according to Rabellino.

November 19 2013

Kano Kickstarts A Pi-Based, DIY Kit Computer Designed To Make Learning To Code Child's Play
What exactly is Kano? It's a build-it-yourself computer launching today on Kickstarter with the aim of pulling in $100,000 in crowdbacking to get 1,000 of its Kano kits to market by summer 2014. The startup believe there's a market for a simplified, accessible, open source computing platform designed to make the process easy enough that anyone can learn to code.

August 13 2013

Twitter Buys Open Source Training Company Marakana To Power New “Twitter University” For Engineers
Twitter today announced its latest acquisition, along with a move into offering richer resources to attract better engineering talent to the company. It has bought Marakana, an open-source technical training company; and in turn, Marakana will be the force behind a new effort called Twitter University. School mascot: a blue bird, not a whale.

July 09 2013

ImpressPages Raises €200k To Pull More Users Into Its Open Source, Drag-&-Drop CMS
ImpressPages, a Lithuanian startup behind an open source, drag and drop, widget-based web content management system aimed at broadening access to web development by simplifying the tools required to create and maintain a website, has raised a €200,000 seed round from VC firm Practica Capital. The round is its first external investment, according to CrunchBase.

September 01 2012

Open Source in Action: LinuxCon 2012
I participated in a panel discussion at LinuxCon today with other journalists who cover Linux and open source goings-on, including our own Alex Williams. One of the questions that was asked was "What was the most important story for you this week?" The answers from my peer journalists were interesting, and reflect the diversity in interest (and beats) between us all. From Google's admission to using -- and paying for support for -- Ubuntu on the desktop, to Linus's revelation of a Linux 4.0 release within the next couple of years, the things that piqued our various interests covered the spectrum of what happened this week. When the question was posed to me, my immediate response was "The Hallway track".

August 20 2012

Disney Adds A Bit Of Nonsensical Anti-Open Source FUD To Kid’s Sitcom
Walt Disney Corporation added a bit of nonsensical anti-open source FUD to a kid's sitcom that it aired this past weekend. But the dialogue is so ridiculous that you have to wonder if they have any clue about what they are doing. In an episode aired Friday on the Disney Channel, the show Shake It Up features two teenagers who are begging the stereotypical geeky kid for help with a computer that has apparently gone down.

August 18 2012

Oracle Makes More Moves To Kill Open Source MySQL
Image (1) mysql.png for post 10304
Oracle is holding back test cases in the latest release of MySQL. It's a move that has all the markings of the company's continued efforts to further close up the open source software and alienate the MySQL developer community. The issue stems back to a recent discovery that the latest MySQL release has bug fixes but without a single one having any test cases associated with it.  That creates all sorts of problems for developers who have no assurance that the problem is actually fixed.
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July 31 2012

Microsoft Open Sources Entity Framework
Microsoft continues to make in-roads into open source development. Early last year it open sourced several development related tools, including NuGet and several libraries for its ASP.Net language. And by the end of the year the company announced sponsorship of projects to port both the Node.js development platform and the big data analytics tool Apache Hadoop to Windows. It's even making Linux available on Azure, the company's cloud computing platform. And now it has open sourced Entity Framework, a framework that helps developers simplify data manipulation.

April 27 2012

The Open Source CEO: Jim Whitehurst
If you read the Red Hat website, you'll find pages describing their attitude toward open source, collaboration, and more. It reads pretty much like every other marketing spiel from every company online today. There's something different about Red Hat, though: they actually believe this stuff. Not only do they believe it, they live it every day. I spoke to Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst recently about the open source culture at Red Hat and he told me it is a journey, not a destination. According to Whitehurst, the tenets of open source permeate all aspects of the culture at Red Hat.

April 25 2012

Linux Foundation To Host Open Source Cloud Conference “CloudOpen”
It wasn't that long ago that I complained about cloud fragmentation issues. There were some interesting observations in the comments on that post. Now word comes that the Linux Foundation is hosting CloudOpen, a "new conference to advance openness in the cloud." Most of the major players are already committed to participating at CloudOpen: Canonical, Citrix, Dell, Eucalyptus, HP, IBM, Intel, OpenStack, Red Hat and SUSE. From the press release: "Designed for software developers and IT managers responsible for deploying and developing cloud solutions, CloudOpen will feature technical content that includes ... big data strategies and open cloud platforms and tools. This conference will also cover open source best practices and how they relate to topics such as company data and APIs."

April 22 2012

Enterprise Open Source Usage Is Up, But Challenges Remain
I think we can all safely agree that open source software development is here to stay. Open, collaborative development has fundamentally changed not only how we code, but also the code we produce. It's easier than ever to build complex solutions by reusing existing components. A new report from Sonatype examines the current state of open source in the enterprise. Although heavily slanted toward open source Java consumption, the trends are interesting. It's also worth pointing out that Sonatype provides a solution for open source software management, so they have a stake in the game here. Their data is worth a look, though. Nearly 80% of the enterprises surveyed consume open source software. Most interest to me: two thirds of the companies surveyed are actively contributing code back to the upstream projects they consume. Also interesting to note is that just shy of half of all surveyed companies have a formal open source policy in place. And of those with formal policies, half of the respondents cite those policies as detrimental to the success of development.

April 09 2012

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Gets Open Source, Publishes on GitHub
I've been harping for a while here on TechCrunch about the benefits of open source software. I often quote Canonical's Technical Architect Allison Randal, who said "Free software is a fundamentally superior model for developing software." Free and open source software enabled much of the innovation we write about here at TechCrunch, but it's been slow to move into established enterprises, let alone the U.S. Government. That's starting to change today with an announcement from the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that states, unequivocally, "We use open source software, and we do so because it helps us fulfill our mission." The announcement goes on to state that "when we build our own software or contract with a third party to build it for us, we will share the code with the public at no charge." The CFPB is making it clear that they get it with respect to open source software: they have a GitHub account for hosting their works and are sharing their open source policy as a GitHub gist in addition to a static HTML document on their own website.

September 02 2011

PhotoAppLink Ties iPhone Photo Apps Together, Makes Multi-App Editing Simple
Several iPhone app developers have teamed up to launch PhotoAppLink, a new open source initiative that aims to simplify photo editing by tying multiple photo-editing apps together. As you know, there are an incredible number of photo editing apps in iTunes today, and often, each especially excels in one particular area. For example, converting photos to black and white, cropping, compositing or writing on top of photos are all features of popular standalone apps. But what about when you want to make multiple edits using multiple apps? That's a far more complicated process. And it's the very problem PhotoAppLink aims to solve.
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